Taking in the facts that:

  • my car’s width is 67.51 in
  • my car’s mileage is 174,725 mi
  • the earth’s total surface area is about 197,000,000 mi2
  • the earth’s land surface area is about 57,268,900 mi2
    My car has only covered .0000945021626% of the earth’s total surface, or .000323941639% of the earth’s land surface.


    1. Well, I’m luckier.
      On vacations, I’ve been in three states, the resulting space in between the three points would be over a fourth of the United States. As far as the areas in between…well…
      Two vehicles would mean I would have to have an average between mileage, right? But I forgot the mileage of both, so…well…
      Aside from the three vacation spots, I’ve not spent much time away from the computer, but in a ways, I can talk with anyone anywhere without even walking, so in a ways I’ve been all over the globe. It’s a small world after all. 😛
      But did this comment make any sense? Of course not. May it have still told you something? That remains to be seen.
      Okay, I’m done being wierd now…for the moment. >_>

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