First of all, I don’t care what anyone thinks – in About A Boy, Hugh Grant is really good looking.

I am changing the name of Guest Comic Week into Two Guest Comic Weeks. The cool thing about this new, dynamic name is that… I’m extending the guest comics to two weeks. I’ve already gotten so many amazing submissions and I’m expecting so many more from people who have said they’d make one, and everyone seems to really enjoy them, so why the hell not? It’ll also give me the opportunity to make CAR 100 even better, since I’ll have more time to work on it.

And now for the tournament!

The real statistics for this will show up sometime later, but for now, here was my take on some of the result highlights and the overall happenings.

It was a relatively small turnout for applicants to the DDR tournament at Starbase yesterday. About 12 people applied to the tournament, so 8 people qualified for the upper division in Perfect Attack, where people try to get as many Perfect steps as possible.

In the qualifying round, I ranked 3rd, James ranked 2nd, and another kid named Kevin ranked 1st. Kevin’s 8- or 9-year-old brother entered also, and he ranked 8th.

There were three different rounds in PA:
1. Regular PA
2. PA with modifiers – like, the arrows disappear, the step patterns are rotated to the right or left, or the arrows accelerate as they reach the top
3. PA with mods/distractions – along with modifiers, people either sing to the lyrics, shout out random crap, mess with the volume, or dim the lights around the arcade.

I won all songs, and James all songs except two against me – so to determine the winner, I either had to beat James one more time, or he had to beat me twice.

The final showdown was pretty freaking amazing – total silence around the arcade, no modifiers, with the only subtle distraction being lights randomly dimming around the arcade during the song, which only gave it a haunting look. The final song we did was INSERTiON and both of us did rather freaking well – but James got many more perfects than I did, and flat-out won. But it was an interesting final match. Almasy made an awesome guest comic that coincidentally points to a lot of happenings at the tourney.

Oh, and lots of free caffeinated drinks. Huway.

James won at the freestyle division also – but he really tied for first. James sorta had more fans since we had a few guys from the DDR Club and some Drake people too… so the winner was determined by the silly ol’ “applause meter,” and James won. But I actually was clapping for the other guy…

Eh, there’s probably a lot more to say about the tourney, and James may blog about it in a bit and make it sound more entertaining. As for me – I have to prepare an alternative first guest comic than what I expected, since I sorta lost Indogutsu’s…

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