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I’ve got two empty periods at school today. One was cancelled because all of the juniors (i.e. 90% of the students) had to leave to program their schedule for next period. The other is the big, moist, overstretched gaping hole where Jazz Chorus used to be.

So I says to myself, I haven’t touched this goddamn excuse for a blog in quite a while… why not write something.

Okay, well here’s something… there are some who hate blogs. They think they’re awful wastes of time and take pity on anyone who reads them. They complain so much about people wasting their lives droning away about their personal lives that they flood chatrooms and discussion boards with their rants about how stupid blogs are.

Dude, no one really cares. If you want your voice to be heard by the willing, get a blog or something.

I don’t want to recap every single time that I went to the arcade over the past week, but believe me when I say there was a whole lot of DDR. Some of my accomplishments have been and will be better portrayed in my comic, but you can see my MAX300 video posted down below. Good times were had by all, I’m sure.

Oh, here’s a blast from the past – believe it or not, I had no Valentine this year. Even so, I bought a Hershey’s Pot of Gold and this giant-ass helium heart balloon and paraded around school with it. (Don’t worry, I shared the chocolate with my friends…) So I wanted to piss off the “original” and “punk rock” people at the Oasis by prancing around with a balloon and making them question my sexuality through vulgar comments. But, eh, no one was there. So instead, James and I went to the arcade and did the “Love Heart” Nonstop course on DDR Extreme…

…bye bye, baby balloon…

My family was away in Mexico this whole week, and I had the house to myself. My assignment was to make sure the pets didn’t die or crap in my dad’s shoes, and to animate some goddamn giant thing I’ll never do again. No, no giant parties were thrown at my abandoned house. I just sat on my ass and animated all week. But I did see a few movies.

Daredevil = Bad.
About Schmidt = Good.
Shanghai Knights = Bad.

My friends beg to differ, but I’m more mature and smarter than them and they can go suck an egg.

Yeah, did I mention you should watch the goddamn large animation? Do that.

My sister returned from her vacation to Mexico with stitches inside her mouth and a hairline fracture in the bone above her front teeth, complete with a black eye and multiple bruises around her body. She’s an experienced horseback rider, but those stupid Mexican horses don’t know when to stop when she tells them to – her futile command to stop sent her flying into the side of a mountain. She’ll be okay, although she might have a bruised lip by the time that all of our relatives fly in for her Bat Mitzvah, and everyone’s too worried about her face to play soccer.

Meh. I’m sorta glad I stayed home. It was a definite statement of independence and what my life will probably be like when I get out of school… I mean, my ideal job would be doing freelance work at home.

Hooray, now that I’m done with this blog, I’ve got yet another period to sit on my ass and do nothing. This is the kind of stuff that gets me into college.

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