What have I done for longer? Drawn comics, composed music, and designed websites, or sat alone, pondering how the human mind works? All that idle time spent alone doing nothing DID amount to something. Now I don’t know if I want to study Psychology or Digital Media. Hey, maybe I can do a hybrid of the two! And I can have a double major in college! Ha ha! I got a giggle out of myself.

Steve never goes to school. He stays at home all day and “programs.” He’s built a bed underneath his desk, so at least I’m sure he does SOMETHING on the computer all day. Part of this is because he likes calling himself a contrariot.

Well, today is ’03 day and none of the seniors were at school, but he WAS.

In fact, I’ve noticed that it’s only all of the nerds that were at school, and all of the jocks that weren’t. Talk about school spirit. They’re supposed to be representing us on the field at least… why not in school while they’re at it? Remind me to read this when I have the time.

Thank you, blog, I’ll do that.

CAR is going the way of the DDR comic, if you haven’t noticed. That gives it more of a topical feel, and that’s good for a comic that’s gone on for this long – the ingenuity of the setting has sort of worn off. Great, we’re in a car. It’s like Little Gamers being on the couch, sprite comics being in Green Hill Zone Act 2, or Men In Hats walking around… wherever they are.

Making DDR jokes will appease the audience as well as take away the TRUE inside joke aspect and make it more of a… DDR joke aspect, which you have to admit is definitely a different thing. You wouldn’t say that Penny Arcade is riddled with inside jokes just because it covers games in general, would you? (The answer is no.)

Oh, and of course I won’t only be making DDR jokes. Needless to say, that would get old very quickly if I tried to squeeze out daily jokes just about that.

To go along with tomorrow’s strip, I’ve included a write-up, weehoo.

I went to Scandia with premium choice cuts of 100% approved “the crew.” It was my first time there in a long while… the last time, I had never touched an arcade game, and I was just appalled at the high prices for mini golf and go-karts. This time, the only thing I did was DDR Extreme and ParaParaParadise, the latter of which I had never played.

After playing a few games of it and easily beating the hardest song, I was informed that ParaPara is an actual popular dance among airheaded Japanese schoolgirls (oh no I insulted the schoolgirls in another country, now I’m a bastard) and that full-comboing songs isn’t really the point, so one of the DDR freestylers (the guy who won that Fairfield tournament as if anyone cares) showed me how it’s done… along with a thumbs-up on the last move of the song. So after that I just stepped from side to side a lot and yelled out crap like “DYNAMITE RAVE” and “LOVE AGAIN TONIGHT” when I did those songs.

I don’t freestyle. James got me on tape anyway. Now I’m just like Sophie.

And my arms hurt like hell. More than they would if I just went to the gym to work out. My prediction is that in 10 years, gyms will be replaced by arcades.

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