Proctor Awesomeness

The proctors that work at Porter College are the best proctors in the world.
“Cowboy” Chris, one of our proctors, is a cowboy in every sense of the word. He always sports a cowboy hat, and he’s an expert with lassos and whips. This morning, he taught us how to use whips.
Max and I ran through the A and B buildings trying to round up people for a whip lesson in the dining hall, but everyone was either out downtown or at some party on River Street (the “party” district of Santa Cruz, it seems), so it was basically just us.
Chris brought his bag o’ whips and ropes to the stage of the dining hall and gave us a run-down on whip basics. He demonstrated a whole bunch of different techniques, with two whips at once – he also brought a bunch of styrofoam and plastic cups, which he shredded, or just sliced in two.
All I can do now is a “circus” move where I rotate the whip over my head and bring it down to my side, but I might take a few more lessons with him over the weekend. I also pulled Ron from Saku‘s room and got him to try out the whips. He caught on rather quickly. Quite fun stuff.
My hands really hurt, though, since these whips are quite heavy and quite… well… leather. I’m bound to have giant callouses on my hands when I wake up later this morning. But as for my arms – well, they don’t hurt yet. Chris was sorta surprised; most people feel it pretty quickly in their arms. I must be SUPERWOMAN.
Woo it’s 3:00 and I guess that means it’s sleep time.


  1. your version is superior in every way.
    but it’s kind of muddy when the vocals are in the mix. maybe some stereo separation? mind if i download the rns and fuck with it?

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