Ultimate Beverage?

Yeah so I was thinking about this recently.
I heard that Starbucks now has this coffee liqueur drink – so you get caffeinated and buzzed at the same time. And there’s also Sparks, which is an alcoholic carbonated energy drink…
So all we need now is a carbonated caffeinated alcoholic coffee beverage and we will probably have made the Ultimate Beverage. Maybe the reason there is nothing like that so far is because the resulting chemical reaction would cause a black hole.
Well hey I think it’s the way to go. So, making a black hole. Who’s with me?


  1. go to newzealand, by “rtd” aka “ready to drink”s… i think they have some similar to rum and coke, just.. in the same can together.
    also, basically wine coolers with caffine.

    1. It’s true.
      There was some study done with alcohol and Red Bull a while back, and not only did they find that the combination creates a feeling of being more sober than one actually is, the control group actually reported a higher level of enjoyment compared to the group that had the same amount of alcohol but also had Red Bulls.
      So basically, it feels worse and you’re more likely to do something stupid.

        1. Yeah, normally Red bull sucks, but the vodka actaully makes it taste alright. Although, speaking from recent exp, I agree with the results of that study.

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