I’ve started to meditate. If I feel that my mind’s just buzzing with random thoughts (and I don’t have much else to do), I’ll just lie down wherever I am and stare at something, listen to something, or concentrate on something until I’m feeling calmer. It’s a little hard to do it for a long time – stuff starts to ache or itch or distract me, but that’ll get better with more meditation.

BTW, forgive me if this sounds lame to anyone. I’m only saying that because that’s what I used to constantly think of other people on my friends list who were also doing similar things.

The weather today!

This was truly the most humid and foggy day – with the least amount of actual rain – I have ever seen on this campus! It was amazing. Fog, as stupid as it sounds, was one of the main reasons I ended up going to UC Santa Cruz. Seeing it rolling over the hills and all that other jazz is just astounding.

I know it’ll clear up and it’ll start actually raining and stuff but I’m looking forward to that part too.