Yay: Next quarter I’m-a be secretary of the Porter Senate! I won the election! Hell, I won so hard, no one even ran against me!
Nay: I went to Late Night and they had these awful “hamburger pizza” things. But they said the patties were vegan, so I obliged. I’m burping up a storm here and my stomach feels like hell, so it probably wasn’t vegan. That’s really shitty on the dining hall’s part.


  1. What sort of things can you do in the senate? Can we start an initiative for the grounds-keeper to use an electric leaf-blower instead of the polluting gas-powered one? It’s never fun to breathe those exhaust fumes, and they’re bad for the environment, too.

    1. Not sure. Senate mostly funds activities – about 1/4 of the yearly budget is given to the activities office, and the rest are given to student-run activities that are relevant to Porter.
      We are trying to take more initiative talking and doing something about other issues at Porter, and that’s definitely something that can be discussed. You should sit in on a meeting (Thursdays at 7:30) and see what we talk about. Most of it is just voting on numbers for people who come for money requests, but we also learn about what’s going on with other on-campus committees and other relevant things.

    1. Yeah but I took a few bites of the burger and was pretty sure I tasted meat and not fake-meat. I know everything’s all fried but I can stomach that. As for horrible ground beef from the dining hall, not so much.

    1. I’m not, actually. (The patties had cheese melted on them, anyway.) I’m not even a vegetarian. I just despise ground beef at the dining halls. It’s like poison.

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