I stole this from SOLILOQUIAL!

You can ask me any 6 questions, no matter how personal, inappropriate, dirty, or random, unless it’s asking me what ATW stands for.
I promise to answer the questions 100% truthfully.
I don’t think it’ll take me like a week to respond to all your questions because this requires you to do a little more than just type “comment” or whatever.

In other news, I’m currently failing Music History, and given the amount of time I spend studying for the tests (a lot), I doubt I’ll be passing it. Say hello to 5 grand, dad!


      1. Now THAT’S a good question.
        You’ve almost answered your own question. By that I mean, it’s basically the only thing that keeps people guessing about me. It entertains people when I mention I won’t say what it means. I’ve never told anyone, so try as they might, they won’t be able to find out. I can tell everyone else anything about me at all, so it’s nice to remain enigmatic in at least ONE respect.
        I mean, the abbrevation itself really isn’t anything important or unspeakable. I won’t even say if anyone’s guessed it correctly or not. It’s just, you know, meaningless, despite the fact that it actually does stand for something.

    1. Different things. This one time it tasted like some sort of badly cooked lamb or something, and this other time it tasted like uh, wet human skin, basically.

  1. Is it 6 questions total?
    Or apiece?
    Are these counting as questions?
    Shit, did I just waste 3….4 questions?
    OK,Don’t answer those. Don’t want to waste my valuable questions…
    #1: Have you ever had a sexual encounter with a guy, and if so, what did you so?

  2. 1) What does the A in ATW stand for?
    2) What does the T in ATW stand for?
    3) What does the W in ATW stand for?
    4) Does anyone other than yourself know what ATW stands for?
    5) If the answer to #4 is yes, who?
    6) What was the answer to part ii of question 1 on the midterm I took today?

  3. I don’t even know what to ask…
    okay here’s my question:
    What would you ask yourself?
    my next question is the one you’d ask yourself
    my third question is:
    What’s the first memory that comes to mind when you read this? (Just the first memory you think of, no matter how random)
    My fourth question is:
    What’s something you strongly believe about the way the universe works that you think most people don’t believe or haven’t thought of?
    I’ll save the other two for later

    1. 1) That’s a bit complicated – what would I ask myself, as opposed to what would I want others to ask me, or what would I ask anyone. Huh. I’d probably ask someone to back up their religious beliefs, or lack thereof. I’d probably WANT to be asked something really embarassing like penis size or how often I masturbate or some other stupid “truth or dare” thing. I’m a sucker for those.
      2a) Answering what I’d ask someone: I’m atheist because I don’t have any hope or fear, any proof or any experience with anything that seems remotely supernatural, and the teachings from Judeo-Christian texts are backwards and only the truly crazy actually think any of them were written by some higher power. All signs point to the inexistence of some greater being or essence.
      2b) Uh… 7 inches, once a day on average. You asked me to ask!
      3) Asking me about memories made me think about memories in general, and when I think about memories in general, I think of times spent with my first “girlfriend,” or girl I’ve known since birth and was very close with up until my late teens. So her, basically.
      4) I don’t have any strong beliefs about the universe, because not a lot of that sort of stuff has been, or can be, proven. I have trouble believing, though, that space is not infinite, according to string theorists and, on the other side of the spectrum, people who just can’t count that high. It’s very hard for me to understand the idea of the universe looping in on itself – I mean, we live in a 3-dimensional environment, to me I feel as if there are absolute directions – am I to believe that going in one direction long enough will bring me right back to where I first was?

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