I’ve finally decided to start using Gmail instead of Hotmail. Instant notification of mail received is nice (through MSN through Trillian), but waiting every 2 minutes for notification instead will have to do… until the plugin for Trillian is updated or I decide to use that Google Desktop thing or whatever.


    1. I’ve decided to use Trillian – it’s got a very nice collection of plugins, too. Gmail has a POP server, so it’s easiest for me to use a plugin like that.

  1. I have a Gmail account and I hardly use it. Pretty much everything goes to Yahoo, or to my UCSC account.
    I think that’s mostly because I have so much legacy stuff pointing to those accounts that I don’t feel like making a transition.

    1. Good thing about moving FROM Hotmail, if you’re using the MSN service, is that you’ll be instantly notified if you’ve got any mail. So I can really work from there.

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