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Totally. Why is it that I’m talking to people sitting at their computers, they’re laughing, they’re smiling, having a glorious time, and then they turn around and go “LIVEJOURNAL LOOK, MY MOOD IS CRUSHED!!! CRUSHED.

It’s totally asking for attention, nothing more.

Doubts, etc.

This quarter I’ve seriously started to doubt my decision to major in Music.

I’m finding music to be the least enjoyable than I ever have. As of, well, the first week, I’m keeping up and doing well, but I doubt as to whether I’ll be able to keep that up.

I’m starting to take up Music classes that have me closely working or just socializing with the other Music majors… and it’s amazing how intense they are about music. They LOVE it. They love all the Classical composers and attend operas and orchestral concerts and other recitals for fun. They really see themselves going somewhere with their course of study.

Put bluntly, I’m not any of that. I don’t find any of that stimulating. I simply like music because I’m skilled at it. It exercises and expands my skills. I have a great ear, I can compose, I can do things for people with my knowledge of music. Culturally, it’s nothing to me.

When you’re in college, it’s nice to learn and have new experiences, but if you don’t think you’re preparing yourself for the future, you’re lying to yourself. I really wonder if I am, and I wonder if I should be doing something else. College-wise. I mean, I love UCSC, and I do enjoy taking classes that interest me. I don’t know.

Any advice, suggestions, would be greatly appreciated.

VG Tourney

Good times.

I donated my monitor, PS2 and controllers, IIDX controllers, DDRMAX and my IIDX games, and 5 power supplies.

Also, no one knew how to judge a DDR tournament, so I volunteered to take it over and run the thing. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to pit the worst against the worst and the best against the best, but there was going to be only one winner anyway, so it all worked out in the end.

Actually, there was an odd number of people by the final round (and I had made it) so I decided to forefeit since I was really running the thing… and basically the best one there. But we had a light, standard, and heavy winner of sorts.

I set up IIDX because they weren’t using my monitor for anything else, and so I had a lot of fun on the side while I wasn’t competing in anything.

I played Tetris but I totally fucking sucked. I was surprised. I kept it below 4 rows for about 4 levels, and all of a sudden I screwed up. Oh well.

I was also going to play Tetris Attack and Dr. Mario, but for a change of pace I took on the “Sonic Mega Challenge,” where the goal is to go through Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles, racing against someone else. Well, my opponent kept dying about 200 times on Marble Zone Act 2, so I ended up beating Sonic 2 before he even beat Sonic 1… so he forfeited and I lost interest.

Then I went to sleep. I decided there’s no real use to staying up the entire night when sleepiness would overshadow any other fun I might have.

And I came back in the morning and got all my stuff which wasn’t stolen or anything due to the awesomeness of the game marshalls! And then I plugged my monitor back into my computer and plugged everything back into the wall and for some reason my computer wouldn’t recognize my hard drives. :( But then it did. So the end.

Nazis >:(

Tiffany Ross of Alien Dice got really mad when a Keenspot Newsbox depicting two guys about to kiss was shown on her site. (OH YES, I WENT THERE.) She took it down and Keenspot had to cover its ass.

So why isn’t she complaining at all about the current newsbox??? I THINK I SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING

Also: I guess this has something to do with Mike Schiavo but I couldn’t give a damn because I haven’t been paying attention. It’s NAZIs which are the problem!!!

Look what I found on the Internet

This is probably the best Photoshop thread I’ve ever seen. Those Choose Your Own Adventure books were fucking creepy. Seriously, this thread is hilarious and just to spare you a bunch of fucking funny images I implore you to check out the entire thing.


Gotta sleep, for I will probably stay up all night tomorrow for the tourney. I don’t really think I’ve ever pulled an all-nighter without resting later in the day. Eh, I might be able to stick in a nap somewhere. I don’t know.

Am I being self-absorbed if I feel hurt for not being included in things my friends are doing?


So anyway, for April Fool’s day today I wore a white shirt. Because since something like October, I’ve been wearing nothing but black shirts. It just turned out that most of my shirts are black and they ended up at the top of the shirts drawer.

But it got me thinking – maybe I can actually ACCESSORIZE or something and wear something other than just black t-shirts! Maybe even more than black AND white t-shirts! Maybe…

…ALL colors of t-shirts! Man, if that’s not trendy, I don’t know what the hell is.

Ah ha ha ha, April Fools guys, I think I’ll just keep wearing my goddamn black shirts forever.