Okay, I might as well tell alls y’alls how my operation went.

My lower two wisdom teeth were pressing up against my second molars… they were at about a 30 degree angle, and had they stayed in, over the next few decades my set of lower teeth might contract and overlap. My upper wisdom teeth were far from growing in, but sooner or later they’d start pressing on a groove in my second molars as well, so I said I might as well get everything done at once.

The day before my operation, I came in to sign a few liability forms and watch a video on how nerves can be severed and bones can be broken. I take it that some loons try to sue the doctor a few times a year, so at least he can’t say he didn’t warn ya.

I had chosen to be asleep during the operation. That was a very, very good idea. They stuck my arm with a tube of general anesthesia, and put an oxygen mask on me, and as they waited for me to peacefully drift off into dreamland, I got to talk to them about why my blood pressure was so low (DDR).

I woke up, was walked over to the next room, and I got to take a nice nap. Duh, the operation was over and I felt nothing. I did have a lot of gauze strips packed in the back of my mouth, though… that was probably the most painful part of the day.

So I was taken home, fed tapioca pudding between my completely numb lips, and took a few naps. What’s funny is that the medication I should be on causes drowsiness… and I’m supposed to take it every 3 hours.

Fortunately, today I’m in less pain and I’m able to function quite normally. I’ll probably be able to go into the city tonight… but someone else might have to drive me. Whatta concept.


Hey-HEY!!! !!!! !!!

Everyone’s feeling HAPPY! GO LUICKY!!


I use the RIGHT SHIFT KEY! Left shift and caps lock are for YOUSERS.


Did I tell you recently that I rock?! And that everything’s really really GOOD FOR EATING? It makes me want to sic my ATTACK SMILEY ON YOU


When I’m feeling less happy and stupid about myself I’m going to look back at this entry and go GEEZ GO DOODY I WASN’T FUNNY BACK THEN, YESTERADY.



Different and unique, you are not Jeffrey. You probably don’t live in Jeffrey’s house, nor do you drive his car or eat his food. You are not exactly at the same level as Jeffrey when it comes to everything. If you were faced with a problem, you’d use your own method to deal with it. You’re probably a sucker for these idiotic “who am I” tests while Jeffrey isn’t. You are truly original.

Which Online Person Are You?

More LiveJournal Thoughts

On Anonymous Posting

I can completely understand why a lot of people would disable anonymous posting in their blogs, but I rather like it. I mean, you let the bottom-of-the-barrel internet scum amble right up to your homestead and let them go on and on. No one should care, since they have no one to tack it to.

It’s the easiest way to laugh at someone for making a total fool of themselves. So I say, bring on the anonymous posting! It promotes an air of complete uncaring about those who won’t stand up for their own opinions – and isn’t that exactly what we’re trying to be rid of?

On Self-Deprecation

This one almost goes without saying. Those who constantly put themselves down in their journals are asking for positive attention. I know they migt just feel like wallowing in sorrow forever, but if they really felt like it, they’d keep emotions locked up inside and never share it. And I might just be generalizing here… but deep down inside, no one wants to feel horrible.

It’s not that I don’t think people should feel good about themselves by having friends support them, but if people are posting simply to put themselves down and point out all of their negative traits, it conveys yet another negative trait – the inability to improve oneself.

A few years ago, before the whole blogging scene really kicked in, I said the same thing about artists who thought their own work sucked. They were total attention-getters. If someone was happy about their artwork, they’d showcase it and be left alone. Those who constantly whined, though, were showered with sympathy. Why didn’t these people figure out how to improve themselves?

On “You” Posts

This is where my personal tastes come in (even on a larger scale). I try to keep from using “you” in a total anonymous sense, leaving others who aren’t in my inner circle to figure out for themselves what the hell I could be talking about. If I really want to announce to the world that I’m feeling a certain way, I’d either actually say what’s up, or just announce my emotions without an enigmatic aura – I wouldn’t leave the reader to think that there’s something much deeper to figure out for themselves.

The best alternative, though, from posting on your blog about how a certain person makes you feel? Go up to them and say it. Stop hiding.

On Syndicating Calvin And Hobbes

My life (and Friends page in particular) is a much better place.