Eh. I don’t feel like taking over Chris‘s duties, and I’m sure he’ll post this in due time, but I’ve been asked this by someone else so I might as well make an informal announcement:
The LJ meetup is at 4:00 PM at the Metreon, on Saturday. If you haven’t been to one before, we’ll probably be meeting out at the waterfall circle in the lawn in Yerba Buena center (right outside, between the Metreon and the MoMA.
There’ll be a small DDR tournament in front of the movie theater shortly afterwards, followed by dinner, and we’ll pick a movie to watch. Afterwards, there might be karaoke in Japantown, amongst other super-fun activities.
This is, at least, what I’ve heard from Chris as of this evening, and it’s just so people know it’s at least still happening. I’m sure Chris will post something soon.


  1. i drive a 1991 honda accord.
    i dont drink.
    i dont smoke.
    im going to be a freshman at porter this september.
    personally, i think we should be friends.
    what do you think?

    1. (whoops, previous post under friend’s name)
      Sounds good. We can talk about how proud we are to be Honda owners. And maybe even discuss automatic seatbelts.

      1. Re: (whoops, previous post under friend’s name)
        basically i love it that you want to talk to me about automatic seatbelts.
        thats hott and a half.<3

  2. hey im going to santa cruz lol, i saw your journal lolol i play ddr too, not well.
    anyway, maybe you’ll reply to my comment, until then i’m on the edge of my seat! good luck!

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