The only reason I can pause to blog is because it’s late at night and I’m too tired to do anything else that I should be doing.

First off – I’m making this ASSIVE photomontage of the American flag for my drama class. The photomontage consists of pictures related to terrorism (Osama bin Hidin’, anthrax, etc.), and they come together to make up the flag. It will stand at a towering 7 x 16 feet, and it will be used as a backdrop for the performance my class is doing.

I’m not part of the performance because I show no emotion at all about this terrorism crap. I just chose to do something alternate. Only problem, though – I’ve gone through two $30 color ink cartridges, and the deadline is coming up FAST.

Second – I’m still working on my 25-page essay on Music in Early America. Pretty hard to find information about that, but I’m getting along. I’ve got to write 5 more pages this weekend. Ugh.

Third – My comic. Oh, my comic. I work up to the last minute (sometimes even after) on my comics, which is a very bad comic artist trait. But I’m glad to be doing it, since lots of people are reading it. Hooray.

Fourth – GOLDEN SUN IS THE BEST AND IT WILL EAT YOU. Camelot is now one of my favorite game companies. They’ve come a long way since Shining Force, but they still retain their own style. The GBA’s capabilities are amazing. The music detail is also amazing… too bad Motoi Sakuraba didn’t do his best job, IMO…

Fifth – “Pants” in Japanese means “panties.” Go figure.

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