From now on I think I will answer my dorm room phone in a girly voice, because people keep hanging up on me and I can only imagine it’s those people who call girls up and sexually harass them about either their feet or their boyfriends. Maybe if I fool one of them I can fuck with their heads for a while.

Or maybe the people that hang up just genuinely had the wrong number.


BUS is complete and online!

Have fun and tell everyone about it but if they’re going to the Stevenson Film Festival then tell them NOT to watch it for the love of God! But if they do then tell them to go to the film festival anyway and perhaps watch some of the other films I guess and also if they have some sort of vote on which film was the best, then tell them to vote for this one. You know.

Early Internet Release!

Well, BUS is 99% done. Just have to do a few background shots I forgot about, and that’s it.

No real reason to keep it sitting for two weeks – I especially wouldn’t be able to wait to put it online for that long. So it’ll be on the net in the next day or so!

I can spend the next 2 weeks instead figuring out how to get this goddamn thing onto DVD. Does anyone know a nice, straightforward way of turning SWF content into DVD format so when you pop the DVD into the DVD player it plays the stupid movie? I think I’m going to use After Effects to turn it into a real video first and then deal with it from there. Maybe use iDVD if After Effects can’t do it itself.


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Ahead of schedule :(

I’ve been working all weekend on BUS and I’m over a week ahead of schedule. Already half-way through lip sync. :(

This means that I’ll have finished the thing far in advance and it’ll just be sitting there for like a week, and I won’t be able to show it to everyone since I’ve set a release date (May 15, the day it shows at Stevenson). :(

Hopefully something goes horribly wrong and sets me a week back or something I hadn’t thought about comes up and then it’s like I have to spend a week doing that, because working efficiently on a schedule is really anti-climactic!

More specific details about the project, since I haven’t really said anything on this blog yet:

  • BUS is a 3-minute Flash animation about stupid people on the buses at UCSC.
  • It will not be a series.
  • It is not in the same continuity as CAR… sorta.
  • It consists of tweening and frame-by-frame animation, several voice actors, original recorded sounds, original music, half-photo/half-drawn backgrounds, and embedded video.
  • It will be released on the net as a video for Google Video, YouTube, and direct download, since the SWF’s filesize is pretty big and it’s pretty processor-intensive at points.
  • I posted this on SA but I forgot about here.

    Reposted from the Creative Convention:

    Hey dudes, I’m making a short animation and I need a voice for one more character. It’s a very small role (although the animation itself is very small, only 3 minutes long), so I thought I’d just ask around to see if anyone’d be interested in contributing. This is not for pay, I’m not making any money out of this myself, but of course I will credit you.

    The voice I’m looking for is adult, sorta deep, maybe a little scratchy. Basically, angry. Common American accent. The character is a disgruntled bus driver who looks like this:

    The three lines are:
    Everyone, scoot back! There are still more people that need to get on the bus! (yelled at the passengers over shoulder)

    Excuse me, please wait until people have — HELLO? (spoken to someone who has boarded the bus before people could get off, and is not listening)

    AAAARGH! (angered by a stupid demand by a passenger)

    So if anyone’d like to give it a try, feel free to contact me or reply here with some samples. All I need is just some WAV files, any any shmo talking into a regular mic using Sound Editor would be fine. If you need any VA tips, ask me. Some more shots from the project can be found here.

    Also, if anyone knows of a better place to request this, then yeah, go ahead and say so.