Quick question

Who bought beatmania (US), or knows anyone who did?

I did, but there was barely any reason for me to, since I already had 90% of the songs. But I’m not sure how well they marketed it to the DDR crowd, or whether anyone even heard about its release.

Small stuff.

Re April Fools: I’m still alive!

To Grace: Remember, you need to punch me in the face some time in the future!

To Chris: Muchos thanks for the awesomed evening and accomodations.

I’m in a new San Francisco apartment tonight. If it didn’t cost $2100/month I could live here during the summer!

I’m stealing wi-fi again.

I ate too much Taco Bell and I fear my next trip to the bathroom.

Two Seconds @ Cafe Du Nord tomorrow!

Back at UCSC early Tuesday morning.