It's a month!

Hey all!
Who still needs a room for Fanime?
Also I’m not sure exactly who said they’d want to stay with us. So far it really is just me and Sophie, so we need more people to crash!
It’ll be $20 a night; our room has one king-sized bed and one rollout bed, and a lot of floor space. So it’s a good deal if you get the rollout or something. So act now!!!!!q
And please try to limit the “maybes” or “we’ll sees.” I’d really like to have an accurate list. But at least comment if you’re interested and I’ll work something out with you.
Also if you’re not planning on going or have never been to Fanime, well I have room in my car, I’m coming back on Sunday night, and the con’s actually pretty fun for the parties and games and making fun of peoples. I’d recommend it.


  1. Me. I was the one who said I was intrested in staying with you guys. ;o
    AIM is Silky172, if you need to talk to me about anything right away. Otherwise I friended your LJ.

    1. All righty. Cool. Wasn’t sure if you were 100% going to go, so neat. See you there!
      If you see any more posts along these lines feel free to chime in again just to be up-to-date.

          1. well, i just know nothing about it… is it over saturday too? i mean, what are the days? because it sounds cool and fun and cute, but the jew thing gets in the way of many weekend events..
            (and no, no holidays, although shavuot is like, 5 days later :D)

          2. I’m going to be there from Friday until Sunday night, when I’m driving back to campus.
            And you’ll have to sort of enlighten me on the Jew thing. You mean you can’t do much on Saturday because it’s the day of rest? Or am I missing something else?

          3. i’m sorry, i’m being annoying and not explaining.
            i wouldn’t be able to drive, be driven, buy anything, use any electricity, cook, carry things, or make someone jewish do any of those things, on friday night or saturday.
            so i’m guessing it could complicate a thing or two. maybe prevent me from going all together.
            and actually, i need to be home by sunday afternoon at the latest. it sounds like fun to go, but could i take my own car or get back here earlier some other way?

          4. You could definitely take your own car. Not exactly sure about the parking situation – I think there are some nice day-long parking rates around the area, though. Last year I took the 17 up and down, though.
            As for most of those other things – I forsee Saturday as a pretty leisurely day of strolling around the con and maybe around the downtown area. Although it might put a damper on one or two things you’d want to do, I don’t see it completely destroying the experience. Even if you can’t use electricity can you still watch things, walk around and maybe go window shopping, and go to restaurants?

          5. i could probably just bring my own food, but as long as everywhere i want to go is in walking distance of itself, it should be fine. so where can i sleep? 😀

          6. We’ll have to see what the sleeping arrangements are. I’d probably suggest to everyone to bring a sleeping bag because I bet only 3 or 4 people will be able to sleep on the combined beds we have in the room, and there’ll probably be more than that. But from what I saw last year there’s a nice amount of floor space.

    1. Unless it’s like, 5 people, then yeah, I have floor space. If they come then not only they, but everyone can pay a cheaper rate than $20 (since we’ll be more scrunched.)
      Have ’em contact me.

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