FYI I’m totally cool with it and I think it’s a pretty good name. Much better than another “look how extreme we can get” name with a bunch of X’s in it, or something that tells you “oh hello, you’re playing a video game console, here are some buzzwords like ‘game’ or ‘station’ or ‘system’ or ‘portable,’ etc. etc.”
But don’t tell thousands of other angry Nintendo PS3 AND 360 FO LYFE!!!!!! fans that.


  1. But mom! I really wanna go play with my Wiiwii.
    What will be the adjective in the English language now meaning “of or relating to Nintendo”? Nintendo-y sounds too much like Nintendo Wii
    Although, they could probably get a cool jingle sound. Like that BA-wooo for PS2 and vvvih! for the 360.

  2. Dude, I saw that announcement this morning and was like “Coo'”
    I didn’t think ANYONE would be crying about a NAME of a system. Glad to see SOMEONE else isn’t crapping their diapers over this.

  3. Wii, eh?
    bah, i wanted a Gamestation 9DX Portable.
    hmm… i don’t think it’ll work with american culture so well. most will probably still call it the Revolution.
    it just doesn’t fit like a normal word. i think it needs another syllable… or another consonant 😛

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