Does anyone else ever get extreme pangs of happiness?
I’ve never gotten pangs of sadness or loeneliness, but sometimes I’m just chillin’ and all of a sudden I get this feeling and I want to laugh and yell and sing and dance around. I don’t even know why I get them. Things have always been pretty nice, but I think it’s more of a chemical thing than an all-of-a-sudden-looking-back-on-your-life thing. Weird!


    1. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. But I think I’ve experienced those as well and they were more extreme… but those might have just been longer and drawn-out. These just last for a few seconds, but yeah, sounds like peak experiences. Neat.

    1. Yeah. And as for “deeper meaning,” definitely not religiously. If these are really peak experiences then it’s pretty amazing that people pin some sort of religious meaning onto it, since for me they’re not so amazing, they only last for a few seconds.

      1. I have amazing ones, but Ive always thought it to be part of “mania” as in the so called disorder that runs in my family. Suddenly your mind explodes with pleasure.

        1. On that note I think it may resemble very minor epilepsy that tons of people have, just as some types of seizures may just present themselves as the affected person experiencing an unusual smell or feeling in their limb, one could have a pang of happiness for the same reason.

  1. I was in the library yesterday afternoon and it got really warm in there and that set off something similar.
    But I couldn’t really enjoy it because I was doing homework that was really hard(and now I’m up early – I finally understand how to do the problems, so I’m just procrastinating a while longer)

    1. I’ve gotten two “it’s called” comments about drugs and alcohol already. It’s pretty cool to know that I can experience this sort of stuff without doing that, and I didn’t even have to act like an anti-drug asshole!

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