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Okay, so I like composing music and all, but I’m usually at a total loss of creativity and I really have no idea what to make.
That’s where you come in!!$@
I’m offering to make songs TOTALLY FOR FREE, on request. That means, you tell me you want a song made, tell me what style you want it in (meaning, you direct me to an artist, or you give me some other information you’d like in the song, like a drum loop or melody) and I make it.
The reason I’m doing this is because I feel I work very well through imitation – actual ingenuity is really, really hard to grasp for me, I know. But through imitation, or maybe even through request of friends, it might be easier to make.
So… anyone want a song?


  1. Something orchestral? Is that possible?
    I like Wild ARMS 3 music, I guess you can try and imitate that? I can’t think of anything right now.

    1. Yeah, I definitely could. Especially seeing how I recently got a giant orchestral sound bank – and I used to make orchestral stuff all the time.
      Any certain type of piece? Battle-esque? Overworld? Just introductory epic-type? I’ve done most of those.

    1. I wish the Banana Man would deliver my bananas in the morning.
      Yes I could try that. Mimicing Aphex Twin is a definite chore, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere in their quest to totally jack Aphex Twin’s ingenuity for all it’s worth.
      I’ll get back to you when I’m free – right now I’m going for that orchestral RPG intro, yo.

      1. Arg maybe. I’m not really sure of Sasha’s music as a whole – it’s quite varied.
        But Naoki though… looooooool I could do that in like 3 seconds.

  2. If you can make a whole set of musics for a custom IIDX style for me, that’d be great. I personally liked 9th Style and 10th Style’s interface music the best, and I’d like something similar to that. So I’d need short loops of:
    Mode Select
    Music Select
    Password for IR
    And then short 1:30-2:00 songs of:
    Opening/Title Music
    Ending Theme

    1. Whoa, that’s an interesting proposal. I could definitely make some loops like that – the opening and ending stuff is a different deal, but I could try my hand at that as well.

  3. Also, if you’re feeling down on the creativity thing remember that composers for movies and games get requested stuff just like this from the directors, and they generally already have the scene/area where the music will be played right in front of them so they know how to set the mood/pace of the music. That’d be another field you could try your hand at.

    1. Yeah… that’s lucky for soundtrack composers, definitely.
      The artist you showed me is still out of my league, I think. I know he’s just starting out, but man… he’s got these genres down. It’ll come in time, though…

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