Hey guess what bitches!
My freeipods referrals were verified, and I ORDERED MY IPOD TODAY. 😀


  1. How the hell did you do that? I went and they wanted me to sign up for AOL or some other shit. I don’t have a credit card and didn’t want to do that. But I definitely want an iPod. Grr.

    1. Well yeah, I did that – and so did 6 other people who signed up under me. You can sign up (yes, with your credit card) and cancel a day later, though… that’s what most of us did.

      1. I didn’t have the or whatever offer… so I signed up for eBay since I was going to anyway.
        How the heck do they know that I signed up for eBay? I’m a little worried since half of it was clicking refresh due to a “No Page Found” error.

        1. You signed up with a promotional code – once your eBay account is verified after about a day, should receive word and credit you.
          I’m not sure abouty that No Page Found error – and umm, additionally, I’m not sure if Opera is best to use for this thing. Even though I used Firefox, I decided to use IE for all the signing up, just in case. There HAS been a story or two about signups not working through Opera. But I wouldn’t sweat it until after a day or so (even though it’s pretty hard to wait for this sorta stuff :P)

          1. Yeah, I remembered that Opera story and re-used the link into IE, where I started to get the error…
            I can’t find where it says if I’m verified or not on my eBay account. :/ I’m starting to get worried.

          2. Yeah, just wait.
            Only a few of the offers are automatic, and eBay isn’t one of them. That means that the service you signed up for probably has to notify the freeipods company, perhaps automatically. But most importantly, it means the one or two guys who actually work at this place have to individually review all of the completed offers, so it takes a little while.

    1. Actually, you didn’t sign up under me. I replaced all links with a link to Dan’s referral site, so you’re helping him out.
      and you pimp yourself. bleh. >:(

  2. my mom thinks ebay will rob her if i give them her credit card number…because millions of users are robbed by ebay every day…
    dumb cunt
    ill kill you and your families for an ipod, whoever reads this

  3. Never been to a jazz club, really. Hmm. Perhaps you could come… of course, it’s always hard to tell what “hanging out” is. But yeah, I’d like to see Pearls, I didn’t know it existed. 😛

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