jeffreyatw.com v8 is up.
It’s supposed to be a more fun, casual layout… and definitely more colorful. Tell me if anything looks wrong, and feel free to give me suggestions. I’d like this layout to be very appealing and very easy to use. Well, that applies for all layouts, but you know. Hey hey lats go.


    1. The problem has to do with the loading order of elements on the page. The stupid thing:
      the spans that contain the shadow images on the right and left of the blog – they’re set to a height of 100%. That height is determined right after the text on the page is loaded. But THEN, the images load, stretching the table out – and the shadow images don’t adjust to fit the new height.
      I need some (non-DHTML) way of getting these to adjust to the varying table width. I might be able to do something in terms of replacing TABLEs with DIVs… but I really have no idea where to start.
      Any suggestions on your part? 😛

      1. You could use tables, just put the image as a background… and then the ender as an actual image on the page.
        That’s how I did Jennie’s layout, and it looks the same in all those browsers specified on the layout.
        It’s a better idea to measure things out and use pixels– resolutions might make some of it look funny, I think I have the same resolution as you, so it’s fine to me.
        I’m really sleepy, so if I typed something that doesn’t make sense, sorry.

      2. Oh yes, don’t worry about putting in a fixed height for the table– the background will repeat itself if you’re using the table’s background. Forgot to mention…

        1. Here’s my problem, though – the reason why I can’t use this image as a background is because there’s no non-Javascript (LJ does not support JavaScript) way to display alpha-transparent PNGs properly in IE – that is, there is a CSS way to do it when images are displayed in SPANs, but not when they’re displayed as an attribute in a BACKGROUND tag.
          If only IE weren’t made of crap, it would be so much easier to code this page.

          1. Hmm, rather than using alpha-transparent pngs, why don’t you just use it without transparency? (Take a screenshot, and just use that physical image) I know that looks kind of weird, but it’ll work that way, I think… I’ve never tried using just a plain png as background. Do you think that will solve it?

          2. I don’t think it will solve it, because I made the choice to have a lined background. (If you look closely, you’ll see it’s comprised of 2 different colors.) It gives a nice effect. I COULD just make it so the background is one solid color, and I could rely on something else to give it a nice design, but um… yeah. I guess there’s no way around doing that.
            http://www.jeffreyatw.com/v8/head.png – take a look at the head of the image – in IE, you’ll notice that its background is grey-ish, but in other browsers, it’s the color of the browser background (um, white probably). That’s the transparency I’m talking about. Gah stupid IE I hate you for making me simplify my layouts.

      1. Separate statements three.
        Don’t use tables, put some padding in the main box so the text isn’t all scrunched up against the side, and it looks good boss.

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