I decided to have a full-on race royal with three amazing DDR contraptions that will soon be arriving in Marin.

Destination: Starbase #1 Arcade.

CONTESTANT 2: RedOctane Ignition 2.0 Dance Pad.
Destination: My house.

CONTESTANT 3: The second DDR arcade machine in Marin.
Destination: The Northgate Mall (4 teh massses)

So far, it looks like DDR Extreme has won, but the RedOctane pad is hot on its heels. I ordered the pad before the new year, so I can understand perhaps a bit of a delay, but it was shipped from the SOUTH San Francisco bay, and all of a sudden, it’s now equally as far away in the NORTH San Francisco bay. Airborne Express promises they’ll ship it today.

But by the time I get home, I’ll probably already have stopped off at Starbase to play DDR Extreme. Since Drake-o’s are off school for a few days, I’m expecting a few of them to be there.

As for the third contestant: the arcade’s owned by Namco of America, so I don’t expect them to make any promises (and as far as I know, it may just be DDR USA, blaueaugh).

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