Dammit, I pick the stupidest times to blog. I’ve only got 5 minutes to write this stupid thing.

Well, on Friday I went out for Chinese and DDR. I won a few catas, whoop dee doo. People have stopped caring, believe it or not.

But the Chinese food was really good. We ate at Pier 6, which is conveniently located right next to Starbase. And then we met up with Brad, Darren, Simon, Larry, Earl, Bord, Smeg, Ilya, Andrew, Andrew, and Andrew. You could care less.

I’ll be really CARE-ful about the next paragraph, LOL!

The next day was the Bar Mitzvah of my friend, Joel, an aspiring WINNAR of FF6 (I got him into emulators, woo). He had a reception at the same place that I did, but it was bettar. I got a few plastic shiny colored hats and plan to do some DJ Gay-boy parody sooner or later.

Then it was THA IMPROV~! in San Francisco, which was awesome. Bay Area Theater Sports is undergoing the Winter Games, where “teams” compete against one another and are judged by their acting skeeilz. There was one round where audience participation was required, and I was brought up to do something similar to “3-headed Broadway star.” Then Annie was called up to play one of those “move the bodies of the actors” game. Holy nice.

And then I ate way too much sweet stuff and SMELLED UP ADAM’S BATHROOM ROFL!

The next day was spent sleeping late, arriving to my T.A. position at Jew school late, and then doing a lot of my homework late.

I like DDR.

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