A definite night about which one should blog

There are no prepositions that you should end a sentence with. :D

I woke up at high noon today. I wouldn’t say that’s a record, but even on a holiday, I should be doing something more productive, like making comics or designing webpages… or something. I woke up to discover that I had lost my email that had the tracking number for my RedOctane Ignition 2.0 pad that I had recently won on eBay… and later I found that it still didn’t arrive today. Now I’m certain I’m getting it tomorrow… or something is definitely up.

I went to StarBase really early-like today, to meet Sophie and her friend Sam… and Chris was there, doing his usual Friday thing. When I arrived at StarBase, Chris had good news and bad news – bad news was that he spent his work day putting out a fire that had destroyed some expensive hardware and sent hazardous gas all over the place; he was calling a doctor about it (there will probably be a blog about that soon) – good news that Video Bob (the well-known nickname for the owner of the arcade, and the oldest hardcore gamer I know) had ordered DDR Extreme, and that it would be coming in less than a week. That will probably make our arcade the second one in America to have DDR Extreme. YES.

Chris, being the eternally kind soul he is, set DDR 4th Mix Plus on Free Play for the whole afternoon/evening. Sophie, Chris, Sam and I eventually went out for some crepes down the street. Local creperies also = YES. I got to show off my new Dell Axim, in all its MP3-playing, Avant Go-using, handwriting-recognizing glory.

We returned to find James and Bryan DDRing it up. I ended up spending more time (and of course, much more money) on San Francisco Rush 2049. Some of the secrets in the five tracks are rather interesting… I love the one where you fly into the Atari logo and dodge fans and rocks… neato.

And, well, that’s pretty much all we did. Levi, Simon, Hannah, Jam and Jane (website coming pretty soon) arrived also, and I acted like a total meanie to everyone because I just wanted to show off how a shot of Rockstar energy drink doesn’t faze me. Oh, and I kicked more ass at SF Rush.

So this was sort of our final salute to DDR 4th Mix Plus, with an all-night free play. Good times were definitely had by all. And I had pizza afterwards, huway huway!

There was no Oasis tonight like there usually is every other Friday… I guess it was a holiday. But we wouldn’t have spent a lot of time there anyway. We’re all slowly migrating over to the arcade, it seems. Hey, we’re nerds, I guess that’s what we do.

I’ll be sure to mention when I get my RedOctane pad or when DDR Extreme comes, whatever comes first…

It's Been a Productive Day!

I’ve finished a remix of Big Tsu’s Turnover (+lyrics!), and it sounds pretty sweet. But I won’t publicly release it just yet. I have big plans for it, uwee hee hee.

But here’s something I will release: my first completed DDR song! I’ve made steps to One Winged Angel, and you can play it on your computer. Here’s how.

1) Download StepMania and install it. It’s the best Windows DDR emulator by far.

2) Download the One Winged Angel step zip file. You’ll need WinZip or whatever. UPDATO: BLARG IT WORKS NOW.

3) Unzip the file into StepMania/Songs/Original/ – where it should create a new folder, “One Winged Angel.” Now, download this MP3 into that folder.

Now, when you start StepMania, the song should appear when you start the game, either under the “Original” or “All Music” category. Have funz0r – I’ve made Basic (4 foot), Trick (6 foot), and Maniac (9 foot) steps.

Oh, and as for having been productive in the category of school homework over the break? Ha ha, that’s a good one.