I’ve found that people reply to my entries most when they link to entertaining content – often stuff I haven’t produced myself. When I’m displaying something I’ve created, like a comic, design, or just a blog about my day or my thoughts, I don’t get a lot of feedback.
It’s somewhat interesting, seeing as this is my journal. If I’m linking stuff that isn’t mine, why am I getting replies? Are they mostly from people who haven’t seen these outside links before? From people who want to say that they HAVE seen them?
This is an observation, not a complaint.


  1. In online journals when someone links to or comments about anything that isn’t theirs, it gives me the impression that they have an opinion about it but that they won’t be offended or annoyed if my opinion is different. So that makes me more likely to reply even if just to say “yeah” or “here’s my opinion”.
    Whereas if someone says “This is what I did…”, I get the feeling they were actually posting to get feedback from their real life friends or other people who know more about the situation/context of their work. Everyone else might read it, but feel like they don’t have enough authority to add anything constructive. Such is the case with me so maybe that’s why your reply counts vary that way :}

  2. Reminds me of two questions on “The Ultimate LJ content quiz!”

    -Written a solid, well-thought-out post and then got bitchy when nobody responded to it?
    -Written some trivial piece of fluff and got bitchy when fifteen zillion people responded to that and not the well-thought-out post you’d written earlier?

  3. Reading CAR has instilled a nigh-on-unshakable fanlike faith in you, so I check your site every so often for kicks. jeffreyatw.com is still labelled as “CAR” in my favorites menu.

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