New York

I’m writing from my mom’s mom’s house in Bayside, Queens, NY, NY. The vacation, in terms of travel and tourism, has been quite laid-back and leisurely. Interpersonally, not as much.
First day we arrived, my mom’s trickstery cousin Harry picked us up from the airport… that is, after joking that 1) he had been waiting at the airport for hours, 2) he was going to drive us back home in a compact Volvo, 3) he had to leave Lily behind due to this, and 4) our grandparents had to pick her up, separately.
This, in turn, caused my grandma, Claire, to yell for her husband, Alvin, to jet out of the shower and start to get ready to drive down to Newark, NJ, to pick Lily up. Of course, it was then that Harry admitted he was joking…
Later, when we arrived at my grandparents’ house, though, Alvin greeted us with a painful-looking bandage around his arm. Seemed as if he cut himself running out of the shower. It was during the process of Harry’s profuse apologizing and my grandma’s scheduling an appointment to check Alvin’s tetanus shot history that Alvin stood up and slid off his bandage, to reveal his flawless, unhurt arm. The trickster had been tricked!
An additional good start to the vacation was our visit to my uncle Rob’s place, where we mainly dropped by to check in on Matt, my cousin recovering from Leukemia. Looked hairless and bloated, and quite different than his twin cousin, Adam. But we talked about a trip to an amusement park in Pennsylvania that they were planning later in the week.
Okay so I’m trying to remember what we did the first full day we were here! Oh yeah haha.
We headed to Jones Beach on Long Island. By the time we were ready, it was about 4:00, the time that most people start leaving the beach due to colder, windier weather… and it’s also the time that entry into the beach becomes free. So uh, by the time we got there, it was too windy to set up our towels and umbrellas, and the bath houses w/ pools and the like were all closed. What’s more, uncle Rob and his kids were going to meet us there. So eh, they did, we hung for a while and ate some food we brought, and then decided to head to a local mall and hang about.
That was it for that day, pretty much. Next day okay hooray.
Tuesday was FUNS A’PLENTY! First we okay hold on a second
I’ve lost my ability to write and NO ONE has read this whole thing, I’m sure. Well actually, I’m sure they’ll read this last paragraph, feel REEEELY bad that they skimmed through it without realizing that I’m on vacation in New York, and then read through it again. I’ll write more about the trip tomorrow. That amusement park trip we had scheduled has been cancelled, anyway. :\


  1. Your so right. I read the first 4 paragraphs and skipped to the last paragraph,and neglected to read the rest,cause I knew you were in NY.
    Where was my gay scrolling marquee on my b-day?

  2. 1. Go to Mahanttan
    2. Eat NY Pizza
    3. Ride Subways
    4. See cool manhattan crap (Like Empire State Building; Times Square; etc.)
    5. Enjoy NYC
    6. Repeat
    NYC is so much fun. I went three weeks before move-in day and I had an absolute blast. I’m sure you will too. 🙂

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