newYORK iii

hey everyone look at the classy subject for this blog. it’s artsy and now i’m typing in lowercase. new york’s art factor is rubbing off on me!
But only on the Internet, and while talking (like an ass) to James.
Third day was mostly spent at the Moving Pictures museum, or whatever, in Queens. Quite the nice museum, and rather up-to-date as well. We saw an old ep of Flash Gordon, we saw different animation techniques, we made a flipbook of our grandparents, heard some recordings about acting within TV and movies, etc. I also bought a book about “what video games have to teach us,” etc. I basically already know it, but it has a nice approach, is written by a middle-aged guy who discovers video games through his kids, and is much easier to blaze through than James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
After that, all usses went to a great Greek restaurant and pigged out on giant meaty sandwiches ‘n stuff.
Oh, and I think that we watched Shrek THIS night, not the night before, since we couldn’t decide on a movie, or something. Whatev!
I guess I’m rushing this because Lily wants me to get off my grandma’s computer so she can get back on. And she’s looking over my shoulder. Actually, not while I’m writing THIS paragraph, because if she was, she’d be all going “nyUUUUHHHH!!!” and “Jeffrey stoppppppp” and stuff. HaHA!
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