JeffreyAtW v12

Latest design is up and mostly operational!
It’s greatly simplified compared to the previous version, mostly because I think there is no good reason to have a personal site anymore. Every one of those links points off-site. My journal’s no longer intertwined with the page (for the first time). It’s basically a placeholder where people interested in my online presence can find more (as opposed to my real life presence).
All that’s left to do is make the “Archive” button work, which will display a hidden element that directs you to some older stuff I don’t feel like directly linking to, like comics, simfiles, art, etc.
Enjoy! Oh also, if anyone’s using IE6, do you think you could show me a screenshot of how it looks? Might be a bit strange but I can’t be sure.


    1. Awright! It should work fine in IE6 now. I downloaded a Virtual PC hard disk of Windows XP with IE6 from Microsoft just to make sure it looked okay.
      Also uh upgrade to IE7. 😛

  1. finally your lj is a normal lj page oh god i am so happy
    i’d always get really annoyed when i wanted to stalk your archives or something because i’d have to go through that whole extra link clicking thing ugh
    does this mean you’ll add your lj as one of your facebook links too??

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