So on Thursday night there is a $10 special at GameWorks downtown for unlimited play from 9 to 12. So I took advantage of it! It was then that my roommate Zack called and reminded me that we were going camping this weekend and we were leaving tomorrow morning! So yeah! I didn’t really have time to tell anyone because I sort of totally forgot. I have angered people due to lack of information about my whereabouts and I actually find that sort of cool because people would be fucking pissed if I died or something!
Any-the-way, the camping excursion was quite fun. Zack, his friend Tim, and I drove across Washington to Spokane, where Zack’s folks live, and from there we headed north to Priest Lake, Idaho, a simply divine place with a bunch of great camping spots. Little did we know that all the spots had been closed since Labor Day, but all of the group camping places were open, and free! Although we sort of trespassed and lit a campfire in front of a “no campfires” sign for the first night, the second night was spent in this big place with a bunch of fire pits and a forest of perfect firewood right behind it. Made foil dinners of chicken, onions and noodles, and cooked a bunch of hot dogs and s’mores. Definitely good campin’.
The last night it was getting pretty cold so we decided to head home early and spend the night at Zack’s house, where there was hot tubbing and As Good As It Gets-ing in his home theater. The drive home was full of awesome skies.
Now I am back in Seattle and it is time to chill with roommates and also maybe do some work!

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