I STILL don’t have any work to do!

I am reading the Wikipedia entry on wood! I am not kidding, I am that bored!

Oh whatever it is time for lunch.

I'm at work!

First day at Autodesk is going very well. I’m in a cubicle which, while somewhat obscured by a giant pillar, still grants a nice view of the hills of Terra Linda. And I’ve already got a name tag for the cubicle! So professional! And the guy across from me has the same sort of name tag but it says “Master Chief” on it.

I’m going to be maintaining a Windows server, but as of yet we can’t do anything with it since it’s still in its infancy, asking for the Windows installation CD, and the guy who knows where it is is off on his lunch break. So I’m not doing too much yet.

I did join the Autodesk Facebook network, though. There are 7 other people on it! Rad!

I get out of work every day at 5, so if any of y’alls is in SR we can chill at some time maybe.


Some dude (dudes? I think it’s the goons) is parodying the constant posters on ucsc_chatter. Shiranne and I are here cracking up about it, it’s pretty awesome.


I love throwing CDs out. It feels good. It’s like, we’ve gotten to the point where these pieces of plastic aren’t worth keeping around! They’re numerous, cheap, and the information can be used once and thrown away. Old info isn’t worth keeping anymore – there’s the Internet if you ever need it again. Off into the garbage you go!

And to think that once simply owning a CD would set you back so much, no matter what was on it.