Shiranne Gone

End of Spring Break, kind of! I dropped Shiranne off at SFO early this morning, and her plane in JFK just took off for Tel Aviv. Goodbyes were less tearful than usual, probably because I’m so dead set on Israel at this point that it’s just like we’re taking time off from being together, which is already in progress. A few months of break. Then we continue a few months of where we left off. Sounds kind of crazy, but I think the both of us can put up with it, given what we’ve gone through.
Oh and Shiranne and Eric and I are fucking sunburned to the max. My face is red and it’s finally starting to peel. There’s also an epic hat mark where the normal skin color abruptly stops across my forehead. Remember, kids, just because it’s below freezing doesn’t mean the sun isn’t reflecting off that snow.
In other news, I got my grades back from this quarter. Even though I failed my CS midterm (55/100), I ended up getting a 3.3 in that class, which is like the best thing possible. 3.6 and 3.9 in my other two classes. That gives me a cumulative 3.71 which means that as a grad student I am kicking the ass of my previous undergrad GPA. But more importantly, it means that there’s a greater chance of me returning to UW to complete my degree. I guess I really am kind of up for it.
But before that I really have to see what’s up with employment and lodging in terms of spring and summer. We’ll see.


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