Pac-Man iPhone Wallpaper

Updated for iPhone 11.
This wallpaper uses actual sprites from Pac-Man, and is probably as close to exact as you can get it. Here’s what it looks like on my phone (as of a few years ago):

Instructions for use:

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn “Reduce Motion” OFF
  • Tap through to the following images, and hold down to “Save Image”
  • From your Photos app, go to your Camera Roll and press the lower-left share button
  • Choose “Use as Wallpaper”
  • Keep “Still” chosen and do not move/scale
  • Choose “Set”, then “Set Home Screen”
  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn “Reduce Motion” ON

I’ve made a few variations – one with no ghost home, one with no top/bottom border, and one with neither. But you can also download the PSD (5, 6-8, Plus, X, Max/XR) to make your own.
X size should also work for XS and 11 Pro.
Max size should also work for XR and 11 Pro Max.

The following links are for iOS 8 to iOS 7:

The following links are for iOS 6 to iOS 4.2:

  • Ghost home and borders (3GS, 4, 5)
  • No ghost home (3GS, 4, 5)
  • No borders (3GS, 4, 5)
  • No ghost home or borders (3GS, 4, 5)

P.S. – the iPhone 4 versions are not just upscaled versions of the iPhone 3GS ones – Apple knocks each icon down by a single pixel once it’s twice as big, so I had to nudge each wallpaper down by 1.

The following links are for iOS 4.1 and below:

  • Ghost home and borders (3GS, 4)
  • No ghost home (3GS, 4)
  • No borders (3GS, 4)
  • No ghost home or borders (3GS, 4)

78 replies on “Pac-Man iPhone Wallpaper”

I love it! (ghosts w/ home and borders for iphone 5)
What a simple little thing that can make something so fun! Thanks for this 🙂

When I save the image and set it as the wall paper the image does not line up and is too big. Any suggestions ? Awesome work also

You can turn off the parallax thing and then the wallpapers don’t stretch. Without parallax there’s just a couple height adjustments to figure out and these should work on the ios7 devices….

I updated you wallpaper and moved it by 13px so that the blue borders align again with the app icons (if you have that parallax thing turned off). I also had to to move the extra packman lives by some px. Result’s here
At least on my iPhone 4 it looks great again on iOS7!

I just used this on my Iphone 6 & it is AWESOME!!!! It fits perfectly!!
Thank you so very much!! I love it!!! You did an amazing job!!

I wish the blue borders showed up around the apps tho. That would be neat. I can’t see the blue on my iPhone XS Max

Ahh, these make my little OCD heart so happy. All the others I found were just a twitch off and they were making me crazy. Thank you!

Hi! Since I purchased my new iPhone 6, I can’t find a pacman for my home screen in the “Zoomed” setting. Can you make one? The normal ones don’t fit correctly.

Hi Jeffrey!!!
You made an amazing Job. Your Wallpaper alligns perfectly on mi iPhone 5. However, I wanted to ask you, how did you manage to make it so perfecly pixel alligned? I´ve searched in several pages, but I still haven´t found the “official” horizontal guides, or the “official” wallpaper grid to create my own wallpapers.
I would really appreciate if you can point to the right direction, there are a couple of Wallpapers I loved so much on my iphone 4 taht iwould like to recreate for my iPhone 5.
Thanks in advance!!!

Thank you! I didn’t use any guides – I simply took a screenshot of my display and traced over the icons. If you don’t have certain models of iPhone, but you do have a Mac, you can download Xcode and use its iOS Simulator and take screenshots from there.

Any way to get these updated for iPhone 6 on iOS 9? The boxes no longer line up correctly. Just discovered this wallpaper, and would love to use it.

I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I use the zoom view option. Unfortunately this causes the Pacman wallpaper to not line up properly with the icon. Any chance you may have a zoom version available?

Hi I absolutely love these, but I unfortunately have to use the ‘zoomed view’ ( Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom > Zoomed ) on my iPhone 6S. Would you be able to update with a zoomed view with no ghost home? I would be eternally grateful!

Hi Jeffrey! I have had your Pac-Man background for over a year and love it. I just downloaded ios11 and now it doesn’t match up! Will you be making new backgrounds for ios11 along with 7,7+? Also for the zoom setting? I’d be soooooo grateful if you did. Thank you!!!!

Turns out that iOS 8 version for 6+ works for iOS 11 without the zoom on!! Yay! Strange tho, when I set it and then went to my home page, all of the colors of the border and Pac-Mans were gone. I’ll keep messing around with it. Thanks!

Hi Jeffrey, I’ve been using your backgrounds since 2010 🙂 Any chance you’ll be able to update for the iPhone X?

Hi Jeffery. New phone… same question. I’ve been using your wallpaper on my last 3 or 4 phones. Would love to have one for the Xs max. Any chance??
Thank you so much! Great work.

You are the man! Love these wallpapers. Been using them since the iPhone 6. Get a ton of compliments! Thanks for all of your work!

thank you!! I really love it. Downloaded it for my iphone xr.
I wanted a dark background and this one is perfect for me as a nerdy.

thank you!! I really love it. Downloaded it for my iphone xr.
I wanted a simple dark background and this one is perfect for me as a nerdy.

You would be willing to make a neon version of this? It’s so perfect & classic but I think the bright neon colors would look amazing too!! I’ve seen others but they are for iPhone 6

hey! great work and thank you for your creativity and hard work. I will be recommending this link to anyone who asks. Cheers! 🙂

I followed the exact instructions and it seems that the icon spaces in the wallpaper are above where the actual icons are

This is awesome ! I have been using the same old PacMan wallpaper since my iPhone 3, but it just kept gettin more & more out of sync. This worked perfectly & looks spectacular in my XR! Thank you!!

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