Vote in this poll plz.

Back in the heydays of LiveJournal I sprang for a Permanent Account, which means I should be able to post polls forever. So I might as well take advantage of this and ask you guys a hard question about our trip:

I might post a second poll later, identical to this one but with the #1 most droppable place dropped.

5 thoughts on “Vote in this poll plz.”

  1. Per my last comment, I voted for Munich.
    Amsterdam is super nice as a city, and really relaxing and pleasant, but if you are not into drugs and prostitutes, it doesn’t really have major touristy things. SO this is my second choice, but it’s a pretty good place.

  2. amsterdam sucks dude. other places in the netherlands are cool (i liked den haag! yasmin lives there if you want a FRIEND), but amsterdam is boring as hell.

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