Holey moley

You know, I wish people got more credit for NOT bringing up things that are happening in the media or popular culture. Or if there was some way to be commended for going through things like scandals or fads or memes without even paying any mind to it.

Then again, the moment someone mentions that they don’t do something, they’ve become just as bad. Like I sometimes brag that I don’t watch TV – even I agree that constantly saying this infinitely more annoying than talking about TV.

I think the only time this sort of credit is due is when someone comes up to an uncaring person and asks them what their thoughts are. Then it is finally time that that uncaring person can go “FUCK FOLEY WHO THE HELL IS HE SERIOUSLY WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH MOLESTING BOYS AGGAHGHAGHG.”

FFXII get (sorta)

Vinit got the leaked download of Final Fantasy XII and burned me a copy so I will now be playing it! Weeheehee!

And I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty – why? Because I already pre-ordered the collector’s edition. So I just get to make use of my $50 (out of $60 – $10 extra for a second DVD of bonus features) just a bit sooner. RADICAL.

a cry for help

Please stop me from considering buying a Macbook within the next year.

Sure, it’s smaller and probably has better battery life than my Inspiron 9300, but if I sold my Inspiron it would be at about half of what I bought it for ($2000), and then it wouldn’t be enough to buy even the cheapest Macbook. What’s more, my Inspiron’s specs are still better than the high-end Macbook.

So yes. I am sticking with my Inspiron. It’s big and annoying but I will hug it and squeeze it and call it George.

Actually its name is just jeffreyatwlap. But I will call it George when I am hugging and squeezing it.

Speaking about that, everyone tell me your names for your inanimate objects. My desktop and notebook are boring, just named jeffreyatw and jeffreyatwlap, respectively – just cuz I like keeping things uniform when it comes to networking.

My old Honda Accord didn’t have a name. It was just “the car.” But it wasn’t “CAR.” You could call it “CAR’s car” though.

My new Acura Integra has a story behind its name, though. Back when I was playing Chrono Trigger for the first time in 2000, we had just gotten the Acura. The day we got it, it was time to name the Epoch, so I named it “Acura.” So I will now name my Acura “Epoch!”

Back in the day we had a Mac IIsi in the house. My mom called it “Tootsie” because that’s sort of what IIsi sounds like.