Holey moley

You know, I wish people got more credit for NOT bringing up things that are happening in the media or popular culture. Or if there was some way to be commended for going through things like scandals or fads or memes without even paying any mind to it.
Then again, the moment someone mentions that they don’t do something, they’ve become just as bad. Like I sometimes brag that I don’t watch TV – even I agree that constantly saying this infinitely more annoying than talking about TV.
I think the only time this sort of credit is due is when someone comes up to an uncaring person and asks them what their thoughts are. Then it is finally time that that uncaring person can go “FUCK FOLEY WHO THE HELL IS HE SERIOUSLY WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH MOLESTING BOYS AGGAHGHAGHG.”


  1. No way dude, do you know how many jokes I’ve made this week thanks to him? Even my dad IMed me with a “Hey, Mark Foley here.”
    And knowing that scandals are media generated is good, but so is knowing that politics is too, and hey, it’s an election year so you just jump on the ones that help you (Foley) and get annoyed by the ones that maybe don’t (the leaked Schwarzenegger tape).
    I’m more obsessed with the Hastert part of the story anyways.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s become passé to bring this up yet or not, but your entry reminded me of this current events news periodical article.
    I feel exactly the same way sometimes. I try to stay away from current events and hot topics as much as possible just because I get sick of hearing about them, but when I do have something useful to say about them, it’s usually long after everybody stopped caring about them. By then, though, pretty much everything that could be said about the event has already been said and I can just forget about it.
    By the way, apparently that Crocodile Hunter guy died. 🙁

      1. Yeah, that’s why I posted about it – I happened to be up and I knew about it as soon as the story got out. If I didn’t hear about it until the next day, I wouldn’t have bothered.

  3. I find popular culture fascinating. The constant changes and evolution that the media culture undergoes is complex and worth observing. If you follow a certain country’s culture then people consider you to be “cultured”, so why is there such descent towards examing popular culture?

    1. because the general population doesn’t simply observe, they get sucked in. media is designed to accomplish this, making it extremely hard (if not impossible) to not get sucked in when observing.

    2. I don’t think I’d consider myself “cultured” if I was up-to-date with the latest news happening in America. I tend to not care what’s happening in America, specifically. Some people find it hard to understand that I’m not much of a patriot, but that’s just the way it is.
      I don’t see what’s really worth examining, anyway. Scandals like these do not affect me.

  4. I have no idea what you are talking about–I dont have (tv) cable so I cant watch tv.
    Oh, and when news broke about the croc hunter’s death, it was brought up in every single class at least once.

    1. it’s kinda sad actually, because even The Daily Show is putting a lot of emphasis on it.
      FoX News labled Foley as a “democrat” (he’s a Republican) during their coverage of the scandal.
      and as a common strategy in order to shift blame, a few other similar instances involving democrats have been mentioned (someone even likened Bill Clinton’s affair to Foley’s gay pedophilic IMs)
      questions are being ignored and skirted around by major right-winged organizations, and by people involved.
      you know, general pointless scandal stuff.

  5. yeah i had no idea what you were talking about till i looked at all the comments. so rather than choosing not to talk about things, i just have no idea what’s going on. 🙂

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