I am a masochist!

Check out this creepy rasterbation I made:

I’m-a have to wake up to this every morning!


    1. They’re big print-outs of things made of dots. So it blows up your images a whole lot.
      Search Google for “rasterbation” to find out more – the site seemed dead when I tried it.

  1. That is pretty damn leet.
    What is that, 28 8×11 sheets of paper? What’d you use to keep it all together? Is it just tape?
    I totally want to do this now. Well, with stuff that wouldn’t give me nightmares.

    1. Yup, 28 8x11s. Just Scotch tape to keep it together and packaging tape to stick it to the ceiling.
      Search for Rasterbation galleries. There’s a whole lotta them.

    1. Also I should have taken a picture of myself on top of my covers looking up at my ceiling and yelling at it
      Then another one of me escaping from under the covers.

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