New MIDI!!!

Dalmasca Estersands

Guys!!! Listen to this!!! Please!!! I spent a few days working on this MIDI and I am extremely pleased about how it turned out.

This song’s from Final Fantasy XII, by the new composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. The guy’s really good. I might be wrong but I think this guy might actually have some formal music training. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s better than Uematsu, but his stuff seems just a bit more complex.

Listen to the original MP3 to compare.

Two things

Totally upgrade to the max. Get IE7. It’s 100 times better than IE6. Not as great as Firefox, but hey I mean there is no reason to use IE6 except for if you want your computer to die badly, so you might as well strike it from your computer with a much better program.

Also, whaaaaaa Konami why did you acquire In The Groove. Good thing all ITG2 cabinets are basically Stepmania cabinets now due to the latest update!

Jorb Fare

Augh well that was quite embarassing. This was my first job fair – the last two big jobs I got by word of mouth and then just Craigslist – so I was entirely under-prepared.

I DID bring a whole bunch of resumes, most of which I didn’t end up giving out, but I actually didn’t know that people really dress up all nice-like for stuff like this. Well I mean I couldn’t have done that because I had class right before that but I was pretty out-of-place in my sweat-caked beanie and offensive shirt.

So I went up to a few people, explained myself, they sort of grimaced at the mention of “Linguistics major,” but things got a little better after mentioning my Sun and Autodesk internships – but most importantly I did give out my resume to a few people. So it wasn’t a total bust.

I’m not too worried about my future despite the fact that I’m looking for a job over half a year before I graduate, but this was a good experience so I know more about what to expect. Also I’ll know not to eat directly after going to one of these since I was so agitated that I ordered this massive sandwich from the Stevenson Coffee House and gave myself a stomach ache.

LJ Talk

Hooray for Trillian Pro! I didn’t have to download any extra thingamajig to connect to LJ Talk. Having the LJ Talk friends list being the same as your profile’s friends list is extra cool, though.

Whoops I pressed enter and the entry posted itself (you can post from LJ Talk)! Anyway everyone should get on this because it’s cool to see when your LJ friends are online. I don’t care if people say it’s going too far or anything of the sort. Don’t like it, don’t use it.


Happy National Coming Out Day!

I kissed a dude earlier this year! But I am still straight because I had a lot of the sex with womens. The Kinsey Scale says so!

(I love the ladies!)