a cry for help

Please stop me from considering buying a Macbook within the next year.
Sure, it’s smaller and probably has better battery life than my Inspiron 9300, but if I sold my Inspiron it would be at about half of what I bought it for ($2000), and then it wouldn’t be enough to buy even the cheapest Macbook. What’s more, my Inspiron’s specs are still better than the high-end Macbook.
So yes. I am sticking with my Inspiron. It’s big and annoying but I will hug it and squeeze it and call it George.
Actually its name is just jeffreyatwlap. But I will call it George when I am hugging and squeezing it.

Speaking about that, everyone tell me your names for your inanimate objects. My desktop and notebook are boring, just named jeffreyatw and jeffreyatwlap, respectively – just cuz I like keeping things uniform when it comes to networking.
My old Honda Accord didn’t have a name. It was just “the car.” But it wasn’t “CAR.” You could call it “CAR’s car” though.
My new Acura Integra has a story behind its name, though. Back when I was playing Chrono Trigger for the first time in 2000, we had just gotten the Acura. The day we got it, it was time to name the Epoch, so I named it “Acura.” So I will now name my Acura “Epoch!”
Back in the day we had a Mac IIsi in the house. My mom called it “Tootsie” because that’s sort of what IIsi sounds like.


  1. my laptop’s name is IUS, which, I think, is Latin for “Justice”.
    not much of a story, just the whole justice phase where everything was “of JUSTICE!”.
    or kind of like my pasta sauce that I make… I call it the “sauce of justice”. It’s really funny because if I refer to it just as the “sauce of justice”, people wonder what I’m talking about and usually ends up with entertaining results.
    The best part is when it’s done and I dish it out for dinner, I get to say “Justice is served!”.

  2. But with a mac you can get Garage Band! What other reason do you need to sell off your kids to the textile plant?
    Except for it’s great compatability with hardware I honestly can’t think of any other serious reasons why you would buy a Mac over a PC. Unless you’ve taken some sort of Samurai code to swear off a life of [email protected].

    1. I dunno maybe it’s because I already have Reason and FL Studio and Finale and Noteworthy and a bunch of other music tools!
      As for great compatibility with hardware – hahaha I never understood that at all since all devices are made for Windows anyway. Apple is compatible with Apple hardware, and as for other tools – if it feels like it. A rebranded Dell printer wouldn’t work with Mac OS X when I tried it about a year ago. There was no way around it. Except for now, because Macs can run Windows.

  3. Car: Saturn
    The monster server in the bedroom: Seerajeane
    The black ex-gamer’s box in the living room (part of the home recording studio setup): Redion
    The laptop: Daal
    The teddy bear: Gomting♡
    The names for the three computers come from In the Starlight 별빛속에, a sunjeong manhwa—Korean equivalent of shoujo manga—series from the 80s.  Yes, call me a geek.  XD
    Edit: Looks like In the Starlight and another series by the same author (Kyungok Kang 강경옥), Narration of Love at 17 17세의 나레이션, are being released in the states soon.  Actually, the first volume of the latter is already out for sale on Amazon.  ♥

  4. d00d, don’t give in to the Mac craze. Yes Windows OS is a slimy whore, but if your laptop works better, then keep it – or wait til the next line comes out and people are schlepping off their Macbooks for cheap. Besides, macs are fulla hype right now. Any decent program out there works fine on either system.
    Inanimate object names. . . good topic 🙂
    My car is Sera – as in que sera, sera – because I bought her out of necessity after I rolled my pride-n-joy ’88 Toyota 4×4 (named Sheila).
    My computer is named d00m Kitty.
    My house is named La Chateau de L’Orange. (So fun to say!)
    I’ve got a stuffed animal bear named Bernard and a monkey named Edward Ferdinand Archibald Buddhafeet but I don’t know if stuffed animals really count. I also name things on a random spontaneous basis when I come across them IRL but those probably don’t count either.
    Your post made me realize I haven’t named my MIDI keyboard or Event ASP8s – the latter I will probably call “The Boomers” or “the Bass Monstahs” because they are. The keyboard is one I will have to think about. . . I may end up just calling her the Muse, since I play her almost every day.

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t even thinking of totally getting rid of Windows if I got a Mac. What I’m really needing is a smaller machine and better battery life – and Macs are very well-built and the iSight camera is a great plus.
      But it’s not worth dealing with.

  5. Im buying a Macbook. my thinkpad, whose name is Buster (NOT after arrested Dev), is durable but sooo crappy
    ipod is named Skippy (because he likes to be slow on some tracks)
    ipod shuffle is named Chewie because he is as big as a pack of gum
    Car, toyota camry, is the White Star after the ships on babylon 5

  6. My gaming comp is named ‘Dave’ and my skool comp is named ‘HAL’ (from 2001: A space odessy if anyone doesnt know), but my car doesnt have a name.
    I also name all of the little sculpts I make when just messing around ‘Bob,’ and then I kill them.

  7. Well, my Macbook Pro is named MacBook (said like Macbeth), and my HD is called Damned Spot, as in “Out, damned spot!”
    My external HD is named Nightfisher.

  8. I wouldn’t get a MacBook if I were you. You are the type to want dedicated VRAM. MacBooks presently only have the Intel GMA 950 which has shared VRAM. Not good. So I’d probably get a MacBook Pro if any Mac laptop at all. But your Inspiron 9300 is decent, so I’d keep it and then when it becomes old and obsolete, just replace it with a MacBook Pro (or a MacBook if their graphics ever start using dedicated VRAM).
    My car (’93 Honda Accord LX) is named “Noodles”. My computer (the iMac Core Duo) is named “Hyperdrive”. I don’t have a name for my GameCube or my iPod Shuffle, but those two are the next inanimate objects that’ll likely get a name if any more of my inanimate objects get names at all.

  9. my car is chadwick. apparently in santa rosa everybody names their car some kind of english servant person name: agnes, eleanor…
    i met an ipod called buttons recently.

  10. I don’t name things when I can help it. I prefer to not encourage my computer to develop a personality.
    The exception being Mörker, my $4 IKEA lamp. He came with that name so it would feel wrong to strip him of it.

    1. Computers are the one thing that I think really should have a name since when you install an operating system, it asks you what to name it

  11. My computer’s name is Ed and my iPod’s name is Fred, because my friend Alex used to sing a song that went “Yo, my name is Joe” so I had my “Yo, my name is Fred” song, and I thought the names Fred and Ed were cool.
    But then Fred because cool because of Fred on the show Angel, and Ed became cool because of Ed on Cowboy Bebop (and both Fred and Ed are girls), so yeah.
    I never named my car because it wasn’t mine.
    And no, you definitely shouldn’t buy a Macbook. Avi’s comment should convince you to just stop bringing your laptop to class. 😀

  12. Don’t sweat it, your job will eventually have to buy you a few computers, and you can just put the Macbook on your list of office supplies.
    iPod: Legolas (from back before Two Towers)
    nano: Sora (all slk/blk kh2 looking)
    128mb thumbdrive: Ebi-chan
    256mb thumbdrive: Aang
    PDA: Genis
    Nissan Altima: Articuno (looked like the pokemon)
    And my pet RAV4 is named 豊田速人, because it’s made by 豊田, and Hayato is 人より速い.

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