Internet Language Update

Saying “o lol” makes you a retard.
Saying “OMGWTFLOL!! one one” for fun and irony also makes you a retard. And a poseur.
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    1. Re: bingo.
      Well not if you’re using English. I’m not saying that there’s no way to express something like a laugh or a sarcastic comment without an internet acronym/emoticon, but if you’re going to do it, at least do it WELL. Using “lol” in place of a PERIOD just makes you out to be dumb.
      If someone said something that was truly funny, I would probably say “LOL”. Or at least “hahaha.”

      1. Re: bingo.
        See,I frequently either laugh out loud while typing lol or at least if I were in that persons presence in reality,I would.And I prefer to sound casual online. So I use “lol” frequently,but that is more because it can be hard to express the way I am saying something,especially with someone who is not familiar with the dialect or just me and might now understand i am just kidding about something.Because I dislike jk.For example:
        “Your mom is a fat piece of crap”
        “your mom is a fat piece of crap lol”
        In my humble opion,there is a visible difference there.But I still encourage people to make up new ways of typing up laughs. And remember asterisks are your best friend. *laughs evilly*

  1. We’ve reached the next stage, where you need to make fun of the latter to be cool (in a geeky kind of way). In fact, I think we are already one step further. So what is cool now?

  2. And you propose we…what? When we dont actually laugh out loud but do feel that something is rather amusing you propose we say: “I find that terrifically funny!”
    I can understand disliking people who, in every line of text, use “lol” but since a smile is so generic as to what it could mean, We have to resort to “lol” sometimes to express how amusing something is.
    As for me, I never laugh at text, not sure why, but I don’t. I’ll find things funny enough to laugh at, but I won’t actually laugh, thus I would have no excuse to ever use “lol” but also, no way of showing that I find something amusing in a casual manner.

    1. Re: …
      Oh, I don’t mean LOL – I’ve been known to use that from time to time when, yes, I laugh out loud – I mean using “lol” as a sentence conclusion, like “i went to the clohtes store todae lol.”
      Don’t worry, It’s all in goooood fun.

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