Just keeping things fair.

While Googling for “miserable failure” returns George W. Bush’s biography, simply searching for “failure” returns Michael Moore’s website. Keep that in mind. 🙂
By the way, my site is gone, along with CAR and my original blog. Place the blame on my host.


    1. Re: Get a better host
      I took a look at the [cute acronym] site, and it looks like a good idea. Do you have any idea about limits of space or bandwidth, and what kind of dynamic content they offer? I need stuff like MySQL databases, PHP/CGI, and HTTP-based site admin, along with at least 1GB of space and 10GB transfer/month. Oktagone is cheap – $55/year, and I’m thinking of continuing with them since the site they lost was on their old, now unsupported, clunky servers, but if you CAN set me up with something better, that would certainly be awesome.

      1. Re: Get a better host
        I’m pretty sure they can set you up with all that stuff. If not, I can (well, except the HTTP admin stuff,that’s just a security risk) Plus, it’s all donation ran (501c3 non profit, tax deductiable), so you donate whatever you feel is appropriate.

        1. Re: Get a better host
          Well I’ll definitely look into it, and I’d donate, too. What I mean by HTTP admin is an online control panel, like one to manage users, databases, subdomains, files, etc. If they can’t offer that, how else would I be able to manage stuff like that?

          1. Re: Get a better host
            I always just log in and run the two or three commands that are needed. I think they use Plesk, but I don’t know what sort of frontend that provides to the user.

  1. wow…both left and right are failures, but the right is moreso? hmm…I still vote for people who are left and right AT THE SAME TIME, so as to maximize my chances of recieveing a failure.

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