Notice anything different about the icon? Yeah, I’m getting fatter.


    1. haha dont even bother asking…
      unless jeffrey is attempting to change his image entirely…in which case if he divulges ill have to slap him. hell,i dont know and I dont want to know,it makes him mysterious *ooh*

    I don’t really have much of an opinion……. except that you look like Geoff’s brother. But then again, I don’t really remember what Geoff’s brother looks like, it’s probably your nose or something but I’m no- WHOA, did you get a haircut?

  2. Just so I’m not a hypocrite and post this on the SinFest feed, I’m just dropping by to tell you you’re an awesome MIDI transposition artist. I got some of your work on my computer.
    I also like your comic, though I haven’t read all of it. CAR was the one, I think.

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