Something that’s rather hilarious about Bush (besides his Republican antics tonight at the State of the Union) is what he referred to John Walker Lindh’s home county as. A hot-tub lifestyle. Now I shouldn’t be one to make a rebuttal, since coincidentally there are hot tubs at both of my houses, but being from Marin as Lindh is (and having his next door neighbor as my sister’s babysitter), I must say… Georgie-boy, not even the one Republican student’s family at my school will vote for you again. It’s not like you’ve ever had us, but you sure have lost Marin.

Of course, the press is elaborating on Bush’s comments on “Mare Inn,” as he pronounces it. I called Marin this as just a joke, but now real reporters are calling Marin’s liberal atmosphere an “ideal breeding ground for terrorists.” My rather BAD local newspaper, the Marin Independent Journal, has devoted almost its whole editorial section now to viewpoints about how much Bush sucks.

My own personal opinion about Bush and his comments is that any unlearned person would say something like that… so it’s not ONLY his fault. He is learning some things during his term as president. Like how to make really great pauses for applause in front of all of the representatives of the whole United States. And how to not expect Democrats to applaud while boasting about himself. And to treat “evil” as if it weren’t a religious term.

Well then, it’s time to take a shower and “go to bed.”

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