I love Blogger. It’s so freaking reliable. I love, love, love Blogger. I don’t love anyone in real life, though. No one. I don’t hate anyone either though.

I added a MIDI that I made a while back: The Scheme. It’s catchy… I think. I love MIDIs. They’re so freaking vintage. I love, love, love MIDIs.

I have two of the coolest scabs on my right hand right now. Here’s the story behind them:

In Chemistry, my teacher was “teaching us the properties of ceramics and plastics” by letting us burn glass all period. So he gave each of us a long glass pipe and set us up at some butane torches, and let us bend, blow, and twist glass. By the end of the period, there were pieces of glass all over the lab tables – leftover pieces that nobody had used… or so I thought. I was running out of pieces of glass and all, so I started using those spare ones left on the table. One, though, somebody HAD used. And they had used it recently. So I picked it up, gave myself two giant callouses on my middle finger and thumb, and, uh, put it back down.

They healed in really cool ways, though. The dead skin of the callouses peeled off and now I’ve got two really cool looking scabs. Scabs are cool! Yay for scabs! Um… hemophiliacs are very unlucky. Ha. I wonder if I’ll go to hell if I keep talking about scabs. Well it doesn’t matter since I’m JEWISH!

Furthermore, I moved into the Tenor section in choir, moving me one notch up on the Kinsey scale. It’s easier on my voice, though, since I’m comfortable with singing falsetto. Heheh. Next off, I might try to get into the Alto section. Hey, there’s a boy there! …At least I think he’s a boy…

Although I may be even less focused than I was yesterday, I’m in a good mood. Especially because this kid in my math class, Dan Birch, can take a joke or two.

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