I’m blogging fron school, you see, so since everyone is around me right now I won’t post such a dramatic message as I did yesterday. (See, I told you, now I think that my depressed blog yesterday was stupid. Blargh.)

Paul, a constantly referenced guy on the Midgar Swamp, just loves to annoy him. Unbeknownst to Paul that the Swamp is pretty much dead except for the blog section, he enjoys reading sections out loud, like “Pikachu Meets Weapon,” and “Cloud and Me” (a yaoi fic from the perspective of Barret). Just kidding, we took THOSE off.

I’m getting into Al Bhed, the fictional language from Final Fantasy X. It’s FUN! I’ve been using translation programs to translate my name “Zavvnao Vytah” and such… there’s even one for the Palm Pilot. Look for them on GameFAQs.

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