Well I must be the coolest person ever about now.

Everyone just LEFT my fabulous “JEFURII FEIDEN NO SUUPAA BOORU EKUSUTORABAGANZAAAA~” at my dad’s MANSION, after what seemed to be a complete turn of events in two areas:

1) Today at 8, I had two people confirmed to go and watch the game. Eight people turned up. They were (for the love of God, non TL students skip this part) Sam M., 80’s Guy, Jeff W., Omid, and Felix (who brought along Corie, Steve, and Billy H.)
2) Everyone was confident that the Rams were going to win. That is, the people that came to actually watch the game (List is as follows: Omid). And three seconds before the end of the game, Patriots make a field goal to break the tie. w00. Everyone else really wanted to see it for the commercials, but there really were no good ones… instead, the game was actually good for once.

And I did a great job with the munchies, too. A bag of Doritos, 4 6-packs of cream soda (yes, we drank that much), A bag of Oreo Double Stuf, and two big wedges of Brie cheese and table water crackers. And to top it all off, three extra-large pizzas. I am a party ANIMAL.

I hope this means, since my party was so successful (or so it seems), I’ll actually be INVITED to one for once. Like the one where Steve, Billy and Felix take off their shirts, Simeon takes pictures, and I scan them in and post them all over the internet.

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