Spring so far

Thought I’d give y’all an update on what the haps are.

I finished my final projects and tests early last week. Turned in a final paper about Facebook’s Photos and Events application linkage, phonemic alternation in Mandarin, and took a test on data structures.

The next morning I woke up bright and early to haul myself and most of my stuff to the airport, and arrived in San Francisco with a few delays. Had lunch on the go with my mom, stopped at my dad’s, and took off toward Santa Cruz.

Met with Nico and Zack and Shiranne and her friends at Saturn Cafe for some veg burgers. Then Shiranne and I headed to the Explosions in the Sky show down the street at the Catalyst. A lot of pot smoke, a lot of really epic guitar strumming and plucking, a lot of knees getting tired from standing a lot! Then we drove around somewhat aimlessly on Highway 1 for a while then I headed back to Nico’s apartment at Porter and sleeped.

Thursday was spent tagging along with Shiranne and saying hello to a bunch of her friends. Well, my friends, too. They were classmates or at least Internet friends while I was still in Santa Cruz. In the evening we headed to the Chabad House and had a fun Megillah reading with a cute PowerPoint slideshow with caricatures of all the characters. Also, pizza. Later, Shiranne and I took an awesome walk through the Porter meadow and lied on the Porter Squiggle for a while until the cold got sort of unbearable.

Said goodbyes to Nico and crew the next morning, and Shiranne and I climbed Tree 9! It was her first time. Dat tree lost the little log at the bottom that people used to get up to the climbable branches, but some kind souls constructed a rope ladder in its place. Then we headed back to Palo Alto and chilled for the rest of the day, welcoming Shabbat along with Shiranne’s mom who made us some soup and pastas.

On Saturday I spent some time catching up on Internet (while Shiranne couldn’t ohohoho) and also took a walk to Greer Park where we saw these people roasting pigs on a rotisserie which totally grossed Shiranne out! Later we prepared for Shiranne’s Purim party and I got totally lost picking up Paolo and Sonya. We played some Brawl and watched some Wristcutters and chatted about bygone Palo Alto days (that I was not a part of).

Today I woked and drove back to San Rafael and spent the rest of the day finally unpacking all the suitcases I brought home, and catching up on the rest of the Internet. That’s a lot of Internet to catch up on! About 300 LJ posts, and about the same amount of RSS posts. I guess that is the price to pay for spending time outside. Later today Shiranne and Eric and I are headed into the city for some Japaneses, then we’re heading back here to watch a movie.

Tomorrow we’re heading up to the mountains and going down hills on various planks of polymers. What a vacation!

Santa Cruz

Heyyyy Santa Cruz kids.

I will be in Santa Cruz with Shiranne from Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning! On Wednesday night we’re going to the Catalyst to see Explosions in the Sky. Afterwards I believe I’m crashing at Nico’s apartment. Thursday, we’ll be goin’ around and saying hello to people. Friday, Tree 9 maybe??!! I’m planning on tagging along with Shiranne, but anyone who’s around, I want to see you!

Also, I’ve decided to start tagging my entries. They do indeed get lost in the shuffle, and Google sucks at searching LiveJournal. Hopefully this will provide some structure!


Funeral was intensely pleasant. Saw family and friends I was long overdue to see, shared good stories, and presented what is now basically a shrine to my stepmom – our house. It’s full of cards, flowers, and laptops showing Betty slideshows – that’s temporary – but the pictures, her furniture, her books, her decorations, her garden all remain. The service itself was conducted in the most awesome of places. I don’t know how many of you had been to my dad’s house before, but there’s a creek running under the front deck. The service leader from Hospice stood next to the creek and spoke to everyone looking down at him from the deck’s railings surrounding him above. My dad was a story up, looking out from his bedroom’s balcony. Obviously, a very emotional but also very pleasing event. First funeral I’d ever been to… the word “enjoyable” is inappropriate, but you know what I mean.

Anyway I wanted to blog because of a random thought: my technology locates me.
– I barely ever leave a room without my phone.
– I bring my laptop to wherever I’m either working or staying over at.
– My desktop basically establishes where I “live” – fittingly, it’s one of the last things I’m moving down from Seattle after I come back from Spring Break.

I’ve had to answer what I’m doing now and what I plan on doing within the next year about 10 times today. The answer is basically “I don’t know” – but what I do know is that I’m in love and it feels pretty nice.