Our new job

Within the past month, we:

  • Bought a washer, dryer, and refrigerator
  • Learned how to hack our security system
  • Installed a mailbox
  • Moved everything we own
  • Pulled weeds around the house, a few times
  • Changed our address everywhere
  • Switched doctors
  • Found a new vet
  • Bought a grill
  • Assembled a wardrobe and coffee table
  • Bought curtains and rods
  • Mounted projector and speaker wire all over the place
  • Installed two GFCI receptacles
  • Labeled our electrical subpanel
  • Drafted a circuit map of the house with grounding and GFCI info
  • Bought a dining room table
  • Installed a cool doorbell
  • Trekked through our crawlspace three times
  • Replaced our furnace air filter
  • Removed a buttload of ivy
  • Helped cut down a tree
  • Applied stump killer
  • Carried a bed frame 5 blocks
  • Mounted 6 smoke detectors and 2 carbon monoxide detectors
  • Met with a seismic engineer and contractor
  • Met with an HVAC specialist
  • Met with a plumber
  • Met with an electrician
  • Met with a window screen specialist

And more! And it was super fun! And the fun probably won’t stop! Ever!!! Aaaaugh!

Last day in SF

It seems like only a few blog posts ago (it was) that I announced that I was moving to San Francisco!

Six years, two jobs, three apartments, countless bike rides, a few broken bones, one cat and one marriage later, Anna and I are headed to a house in Berkeley. That’s right – homeownership! In the Bay Area! That is equally crazy and fortunate.

But today is about endings. The biggest one, next to our lease, is my era of bike commuting. I’ve been biking Market Street pretty much every single day for the past six years! It only resulted in one catastrophic injury and permanent loss of range of motion in my arm. But that was five years ago! It’s been pretty smooth sailing since then. A brisk 20 minute jaunt down the street – even when obeying traffic lights. Congratulations to me on not ending up strewn all over the road!

As part of giving up my twice-daily brush with death, Anna gets the awesome commute – 10 minutes to work by bike. My commute won’t be AWFUL – one reason we decided on Berkeley rather than somewhere more remote – but it will be the usual trans-bay slog through the tunnel or over the bridge (haven’t decided on BART or AC Transit yet). I’ll live. Next year, Berkeley gets Bay Area Bike Share, so that will shave off a few minutes.

We’ll be celebrating our last night in San Francisco by checking out the City Hall Centennial! Also, today is Tori Campbell’s last day on KTVU (my news channel of choice when on the treadmill). I don’t know why I’m mentioning it! I thought it was sort of poignant!

Endings today! Beginnings tomorrow!