Our new job

Within the past month, we:

  • Bought a washer, dryer, and refrigerator
  • Learned how to hack our security system
  • Installed a mailbox
  • Moved everything we own
  • Pulled weeds around the house, a few times
  • Changed our address everywhere
  • Switched doctors
  • Found a new vet
  • Bought a grill
  • Assembled a wardrobe and coffee table
  • Bought curtains and rods
  • Mounted projector and speaker wire all over the place
  • Installed two GFCI receptacles
  • Labeled our electrical subpanel
  • Drafted a circuit map of the house with grounding and GFCI info
  • Bought a dining room table
  • Installed a cool doorbell
  • Trekked through our crawlspace three times
  • Replaced our furnace air filter
  • Removed a buttload of ivy
  • Helped cut down a tree
  • Applied stump killer
  • Carried a bed frame 5 blocks
  • Mounted 6 smoke detectors and 2 carbon monoxide detectors
  • Met with a seismic engineer and contractor
  • Met with an HVAC specialist
  • Met with a plumber
  • Met with an electrician
  • Met with a window screen specialist

And more! And it was super fun! And the fun probably won’t stop! Ever!!! Aaaaugh!

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