I am planning on moving from Seattle to San Rafael!
So here’s my deal. I am flying twice to California this month. Once for Betty’s funeral (next weekend), and once for spring break (on the 19th). Both times I expect to fill two suitcases with ITEMS. That might take care of something like half of my possessions.
But I don’t know about the actual time for me to move down. There are a few things, like my computer, printer, monitors, and a few other things that shouldn’t go on a plane. So I have to think about driving down…
So I’m trying to think of the most economical way to do this. Budget is $200 for a one-way 10′ truck rental from Seattle to San Rafael, not including gas money (around another $200). But I don’t know if I’ll really need an entire moving van; especially with my two plane trips I’ll probably only need a car.
Car rental places do rent cars to people under 25, for a small fee. But I’m having trouble finding one that lets you drop the car off in another state. Enterprise does only in-state for a select few states. I don’t know about any other ones.
Or is there another option I’m missing? Anyone in Seattle going down to California soon that wants to take all my stuff? Anything else? Bleeeh, I just need advice as usual.


  1. To get home from the John Muir trail I rented a car from Budget in Reno and dropped it off in San Jose. They charged like, 14 extra bucks because I’m under 25.

    1. Well right now I don’t know what “it” is. Pretty sure it’s enough to fill the back seat of a car, though – and that might be pretty expensive to ship. Also I don’t like shipping fragile things.

      1. Well, like, depending on how boxy you can get whatever it is to be… it may be cheaper than renting a car. I hear people get their possessions shipped across the country all the time.
        Renting a car may be your best option, though!
        If Seattle wasn’t JUST TOO FAR to make me not want to drive home for a week, I’d say I’d drive down to CA and possibly take your stuff. But 15 hours each way is too much of my break. :\

        1. Aw but thanks for the thought! I actually talked to my mom about this and she might be able to drive up. So that looks like my best bet right now.

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